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T Box Solution Delivery System provides many benefits:

• Modular System

• Surface mounted – no need for additional cabinets or casework

• Sleek design

• Ease of disinfection

• Space Savings

• Efficient design

• Streamlined

• Organized loop line management via clip and bumper railing features

• Drain isolated from fluid distribution manifold creates less cross contamination opportunities

• Drain has complete separation from dirty drain effluent discharge and drip containment areas

• Ease of drain disinfection process

• Durable and cleanable surfaces

• Works great on new construction or renovation projects

• Installation saves time and labor costs

• Available in Beige, Grey and Brown finishes

• Stainless Steel valves have backflow prevention

• RO System can use hot water or chemical disinfection methods

• Patent and copyright protected

New – T Box modular system is a dynamic new generation way to provide solution delivery in dialysis clinics and has many advantages.
Unique – Modular design is surface mounted for ease of installation.
Space Saving – Removing the need for casework allows for more efficient and productive use of existing space.
Longevity – New patented modular design ensures longevity and extends the life-span of the system.
Patented design – US Patent No. 10,533,308 issued Jan 14, 2020, Dialysis Wall Box Apparatus and Wall Chase System.
Advanced Manifold – The T Box manifold is surface mounted and allows the valves and connection fittings to be part of the single manifold. This simplifies having to use multiple fittings and tubes to make connections. Less connections results in less opportunities for leaks. 
Advanced Bumper Railing – The T BOX bumper railing encloses the solution loop lines as well as provides a convenient clip and snap fastener for all of the fluid lines. The RO line is designed for allowing continuous insulation of the entire line. The RO line can utilize either chemical disinfection or hot water disinfect. Modular design allows multiple configuration options.