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Dialysis Chases

With significant experience in the dialysis healthcare field, it was decided that dialysis chases can be improved. With over 25 years of expertise in this field, on January 14, 2020, George Taweh, inventor, co-designer, patented a solution.

Current Standard Design

The current old style dialysis chases were designed and built with casework that houses the solution delivery fluid lines, fittings, additional valves along with the recessed water boxes, and the drain manifold. This stick built system uses standard particle board or plywood covered with plastic laminate or painted. Some clinics use either a ground up or suspended up off the floor design for their casework.

This old style design has been accepted as the standard design. It is just a matter of time when problems with moisture, deterioration, mold and mildew sets in. Add to this the horizontal indirect waste lines create an environment were bio-film build up in the lines cause bacterial growth and unpleasant odors as well as attract pests like drain flies, gnats, vermin and other insects. All of these conditions create an unpleasant and unsafe atmosphere for patients and staff.

Fresh New Approach

Introducing a new approach to streamline solution delivery in dialysis clinics. Our modular design facilitates the seamless surface-mounting of devices, offering a flexible and efficient system.

When transitioning away from the traditional casework associated with older systems, our design allows you to reclaim valuable space previously occupied by outdated configurations. This reclaimed space can then be repurposed in a more expansive and productive manner, thanks to our minimalist approach that optimizes space utilization on the patient treatment floor, thereby reducing square footage requirements.

The T Box modular design is versatile and well-suited for various projects, whether they involve new construction or renovations. This approach simplifies processes and expands the footprint of dialysis stations, enhancing overall efficiency.

Minimize Space Requirements

Space-Saving that removes the need for casework and allows for more efficient and productive use of existing space.


New, patented modular design is surface mounted for ease of installation. It ensures longevity and extends the lifespan of the system. The design contributes to ease of installation.

Why do we need to change the design?

What are the issues? – Standard dialysis applications have millwork-wood-based products that are susceptible to water absorption and damage with surface and substrates that are prone to bacteria, mold, mildew, vermin, and insects. The cabinet itself creates a dark, humid environment that promotes these unwanted conditions.

In previous years, the casework was constructed from the floor up, causing concealed interior for all dialysis loops, drains, and electrical elements to pass through. The next generation raised the casework up off of the floor, exposing the underside open to the floor so the drips and debris would be able to be seen as it falls to the floor, revealing leaks that used to be hidden from sight.

Interior of casework tends to be high humidity and susceptible to insects, bacteria, mold, mildew, and vermin.

Use of millwork allows for unwanted debris and trash collection on a horizontal surface on top of casework that needs to be sanitized and free from clutter.

New Design & Performance

The new T Box design allows for adequate space in between the manifold and the drain fixture to allow ease of cleaning and sanitize. The drain fixture also serves as drip catchment below the T Box manifold. The drain fixture also maintains the required air gap for the dialysate discharge drain line from the dialysis machine. This well designed drain fixture has a barrier between the area of dirty drain fluid below and the upper drip catchment area separating this clean environment from the dirty area.

Product Description

• T Box system finish surfaces are easy to clean and to keep sanitary. Removal of casework provides a remedy for unwanted debris and trash collection, removing another flat top surface on top of casework that needs to be sanitized and free from clutter.

• The T Box valve manifold is built with stainless steel valves with integral backflow prevention on each fluid valve. Fewer fittings mean fewer opportunities for bacterial growth.

• T Box valve enclosure shroud and railing are made of high impact plastics and anti-microbial easy to clean and sanitize cleanable surfaces.

• The horizontal bumper rail houses the fluid solution lines and keeps them organized in a nice clip and snap-in type design. The design includes the ability to insulate the RO line for hot water disinfection.

• Fittings at valve box options allow for hot water or chemical disinfection for solution lines.

• Modular design allows multiple configuration options.

• Isolated drain box provides a built-in air gap at drain connection to the machine.

• T Box isolated drain box is removable and re-installable.

• T Box isolated drain box has easy to clean surfaces and is separated and not connected to the T Box valve manifold.

• Available in three colors to match all color schemes. Beige, Tan, Grey.

• Many dialysis companies use the open isolated drain manifolds, which are an open Petri dish-like environment for bio growth, vermin, insects, and noxious unhealthy odors. These drain manifolds create a very unhealthy environment that promotes drain flies, insects and other bio hazards and bacterial growth by design.

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