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FAQ – Frequently asked Questions

Can you take the system with you when you move out? – Yes, you can with the modular design. The T Box system has portability. You can demount and take this with you. When the lease is up, you can take your trade fixtures with you, unlike casework with wall boxes generally are demolished and thrown away.

Can you use this system with a traditional RO system? – Yes, it works with a traditional RO system and chemical disinfectant.

Will it work with any brand reverse osmosis water systems with hot water disinfection? – Yes, it will. The system is rated for heat disinfection up to 90° Celsius.

How are the drains connected? – Each drain is installed into the wall with its own dedicated drain with P trap into the sanitary sewer system or with an indirect waste line that drains into a floor sink.

How do you make a turn with fluid lines, for example when you come to the inside corner of a run?– Generally, there is a drywall or casework box out in the corner to allow transition for solutions loop lines to make the corner without using additional fittings.

Can the solutions loop lines run overhead? – Yes, this is an option for the lines to go up to the above ceiling through a vertical casework chase or a vertical drywall chase.

Can the solutions loop lines run underground? – Yes, and will have to have a vertical accessible chase in the corner running to the floor under-slab access in the corner.